new: The proceedings of CLT14 can be downloaded from here.

CLT is a biennial conference series organized by Society for Natural Language Processing, Pakistan (SNLP), aiming to bring together students, researchers and practitioners to exchange research and development in the fields of linguistics and processing of speech, script and language.

Folllowing are dates and venues of the previous CLTs.
DHA Suffa University, Karachi (DSU) is a new fastly growing university that focuses on the application of science and technology in common person's life. Its campus is located in Defence Housing Society, a peaceful and secured area of Karachi.

The program of CLT14 will consist of invited talks, tutorials, paper presentations, shared task and panel discussions. It will focus on the folllowing areas.

Writing Systems/Orthography Phonetics Grammar Modeling and Parsing Statistical NLP
Optical Character Recognition Semantic Web Localization Linguistic Resources
Computer Assisted Language Learning Sentiment Analysis Phonology Machine Translation
Chunking Morphology Syntax Question Answering Systems
Speeh Recognition and Synthesis Stemming
Discourse Analysis POS Tagging
Corpus Linguistics Opinion Analysis Word Sense Disambiguation ............